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PowerSURE™ Power Failure Lights will fit in nearly every room of any home without impacting room decor.

PowerSURE® Power Failure Safety Lights

Your home will never be dark again!

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in every home. It is a room where many of the evening tasks take place and darkness shouldn't stop you from putting the dishes away or from having a snack. Stop wasting energy. Every kitchen countertop needs an automatic night light. You shouldn't leave the refrigerator door open just so you can see. Most kitchens have an abundance of outlets above the counter. Replace a few of them with PowerSURE LED Power Failure Lights. It is a very modern touch that provides safety and convenience. No longer will you have to turn on every light on your way to the kitchen to get a midnight snack. And if a power failure happens, you're still perfectly safe and have all the light you need to get that snack or anything else you need.


Imagine being in the bathroom when the power fails. The bathroom is the one place in your home that needs to be functional during a power failure. Pitch black and bathroom fixtures don't go well together. Imagine your children. The last thing you want is to have your child carry a lit candle into the bathroom and close the door. Many people place a night light in the bathroom for those night time nature visits. So imagine how convenient it is to have both night lighting and safe power failure protection from the receptacle or switch that is already there. PowerSURE® LED Power Failure Lights conveniently replace the standard light switch or receptacle without impacting the room's decor.


Your home likely has at least one stairway. Stairs may lead to upstairs bedrooms or downstairs basements. Climbing or descending stairways in the dark is not safe. In well designed and well planned homes, stairways have light switches or receptacles nearby. Here's an opportunity to make those stairways safer in the dark by installing a PowerSURE Power Failure light. PowerSURE Power Failure Lights conveniently replace the standard switch or receptacle giving you night lighting and power failure protection.

So many other places...

You'll find PowerSURE Power Failure Lights will provide light nearly every room of every home or office. Some ideal locations inclue:

- Basements - ideal at the bottom of the stairs or near circuit breaker panel.

- Entry and Exit - find the safe path to exit your home atnoght or in an emergency.

- Closet or Pantry - Find what you need at any time of day or night

- Garage - no need to turn on main lights

- Baby's room - take a peek without turning on the light.

- Storm Cellar - no worries about power going out.

For more commercial spaces, use them in Hotel/Motel rooms. Your guests will appreciate it and you'll save night time energy expenses since they don't need to turn on the bathroom light as a night light any more. (Admit it, you probably do it too!)

Don't forget about office spaces where some interior rooms do not get any daylight at all. Put them in hallways, conference rooms and other closed office spaces to find your way without first finding the lighting panel.
Use in kitchens, baths bedrooms, hallways, stairways, cellars, basements, closets - anywhere it is dark!
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