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PowerSURE® Safety Lights
How They Work

PowerSURE® Safety Light Operation

Once installed and connected to the standard AC wiring, the PowerSURE® Safety Light will provide many years of soft night lighting whenever it gets dark. The standard AC wiring will provide power for the night light operation. If the power is out, internal batteries turn the power failure light on at a brighter level.

Coin cells are the standard batteries that are supplied with the safety light. They are reliable, rugged and safe, and can be found in many local stores. The optional rechargeable batteries consist of two sets of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells that will continuously charge while power is on. The rechargeable cells will be available from PowerSURE or its distributors.

Automatic Operation

PowerSURE® Safety Lights are automatic. Each evening if the night light is enabled, it will light the area with a soft glow so that you can see your way in dark areas without turning on the main lights. You may choose to disable the night light for areas such as bedrooms, where you may want total darkness to sleep well. The power failure light will always turn on in the event of a power failure - regardless of how the switch is set.

Some areas that don't have natural daylight available will always have low light conditions. In this case, the energy efficient PowerSURE® Safety Light will help light the way - day or night - in night light mode, consuming only 1/10th the power of a standard 4 Watt night light.


Every month or two, remove the LED Module and press its flashlight button. If the batteries are weak the light will not be very bright. If your PowerSURE® brand Safety Light is equipped with the optional rechargeable batteries, you may need to wait a full 24 hours or more for them to fully charge. If the standard coin cells are weak, they will provide a few more hours of light if needed, but you should replace them for optimum protection.

Battery replacement is simple. Pull out the LED module by pulling firmly on the sides of the LED module. (Note: some models have interlocks to prevent removal. See the instructions for how to remove the interlock.) Once the LED module is removed, replace the wall plate. Open the LED module cover to allow access to the two coin cells. Simply replace both batteries with fresh batteries and close the cover. Then slide the LED module firmly into the opening of the main PowerSURE® Safety Light unit.

Years of Service

If no power outages occur, your new coin cells should last up to ten years before needing replacement. The rechargeable batteries should last for approximately six years before needing replacement.

How Bright Are They?Lumens and LEDs white paper

Read this technical white paper to understand how brightly an LED can illuminate a room and the case for LED based night lighting.

PowerSURE's Licensed Partners

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