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PowerSURE® Safety Lights

Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers

Here is a list of current manufacturers and where to find their products. Each of the manufacturers listed below have developed and design their own products incorporating PowerSURE's intellectual property.

Note: Intermatic Corporation is no longer manufacturing and distributing their licensed EL Series power failure lights.

PowerSURE Corporation is committed to bringing Residential Power Failure Safety lights to market. We have ongoing discussions with each of the major wiring device manufacturers in the U.S. Each of them have expressed their preference to buy and resell our products under their brand name.

Call to Action

We are in discussions with independent qualified wiring device manufacturers to be our supplier. Our current efforts are on fundraising in order to pay for the startup and safety testing of our product line.

We are actively seeking investors to become a part of the PowerSURE vision of making affordable, standard power failure lighting solutions for residential homes and other living spaces. Please visit our Community forum for updates.

Also, please visit our Contact Us page to let us know your thoughts.

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