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About PowerSURE Corporation

PowerSure® Corporation was formed in 2008 with the belief that a standardized approach to residential power failure lighting will revolutionize home safety. While traditional emergency lighting is required in public spaces where certain minimums of people congregate, there has never been a requirement for power failure lighting in the home, or in small commercial places.

Home owners, decorators and designers alike have not installed or specified permanent power failure lighting because the current products do not fit in with the room decor. Homeowners use plug-in rechargeable flashlights and hazardous candles to protect them from the dark of power failures. We believe that a standard device is the only reliable way to have all homes protected during outages. In addition to residential housing, we expect our new power failure lights to be installed in places such as offices, clinics, exam rooms, hospital rooms, hotels, motels, dormitories and many other places where lighting safety is an issue when it gets dark.

PowerSURE® Corporation is commercializing this new standardized approach to power failure lighting. In addition to electrical product development and commercialization, we are the exclusive licensing agent for the intellectual property described in US Patents #6,805,469 and #7,118,235. These patented PowerSURE® Power Failure Safety Lights were originally developed and prototyped by TechLite Designs under the Lite-Knight name.


New Product Opportunity:

We are currently seeking fine home builders, suppliers and qualified wiring device manufacturers to help us to produce a variety of styles and brands of PowerSure® power failure lighting solutions. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity.

PowerSURE Corporation, P.O. Box 442
Grafton, MA 01519.
Email: Please use our Contact Us page to reach us.


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