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PowerSURE® Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle

Greatly improves night time home safety without affecting room decor.

Tamper resistant duplex receptacle with Power Failure Lighting

PowerSURE® Power Failure Lights will fit in nearly every room of any home without impacting room decor.

Patented - with other patents pending.

Standard Decorator Style Receptacle

  • Tamper resistant shutters for safety.
  • Duplex outlets provide more plug capacity.
  • Heavy duty to provide years of service.
  • Strong wrap-around mounting strap.
  • Uses standard decorator wall plate.
  • Will not impact room decor.

Long Lasting Power Failure Light

  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
  • On-Off with a single touch.
  • Very bright - Up to 6 Lumens to chase away the dark.
  • Fully dimmable to increase battery life.
  • Replaceable coin cell battery lasts Up To 40 hrs.
  • Optional rechargeable battery lasts 6 or more hours.

With Energy Saving LED Night Light

  • For night time safety every night.
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.
  • On-Off with a single touch.
  • Fully dimmable to a soft glow.

Fits Nearly Any Standard Wall Box

  • Single or MultiGang Wallboxes
  • NEMA Compliant.
  • Meets National Electric Code's (NEC) 2011 Tamper Resistant requiremets.

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