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PowerSURE® Residential Power Failure Safety Lights

PowerSURE Power Failure Night Light and Safety Light Decorator Switch

PowerSURE® Power Failure Lights are light switches and receptacles that fit wherever standard devices are without needing new wiring or impacting room decor.

Patented with other patents pending.

Soon ALL HOMES can be equipped with...

A Standard Power Failure Lighting solution that

  • is permanently installed!
  • replaces standard receptacles and switches.
  • doesn't need new wiring.
  • uses standard wall plates (single or multigang).
  • doesn't impact room decor one bit!

Emergency Lighting at Every Entry, Exit and Stairway

  • That safely light your way every night and during emergencies that affect electrical power.

Energy Saving LED Night Lights

  • That won't stick out of wall sockets,
  • with fully adjustable brightness levels,
  • and safely light your way every night for pennies a year!

Long Lasting Power Failure Lighting

  • With up to 4 nights of bright power failure lighting.


All by simply substituting switches or receptacles with PowerSURE® Power Failure Lights!

In 2011 alone, more than 41 million people suffered with power failures! Isn't it time we had standard power failure safety lighting for our homes?

PowerSURE® Power Failure Lights will keep you out of the dark with modern night lights that shine every night and stay on during power failures, blackouts and outages.

We think it's a brilliant idea - we hope you do too.

DOE: Power Failures
Are On The Rise!

PowerSURE Power Failure Safety Lights Decorator Switch



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